Premiär trailer för Steven Spielberg:s tv-serie Falling Skies

Falling Skies

På senare tid har jorden blick attackeras av aliens i filmerna Skyline, Monsters och kommande Battle: Los Angeles. På tv har jorden också fått besök av utomjordingar i serien V.

Nu fortsätter invationen på tv. I sommar har den Steven Spielberg producerade serien Falling Skies premär.


FALLING SKIES is an exciting new series from DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg. Noah Wyle (ER, TNT’s The Librarian movies) stars as a former college professor who becomes the leader of a group of soldiers and civilians struggling against an occupying alien force. Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation) co-stars as Anne Glass, a therapist who works with the surviving children to help them cope with the traumatic situation. The series also stars Drew Roy (Lincoln Heights) as Hal and Maxim Knight (Brothers & Sisters) as Matt, Tom’s two sons; and Seychelle Gabriel (Weeds) as Lourdes, an orphaned teenager who helps run the group’s commissary. Will Patton (Armageddon, TNT’s Into the West) will play a recurring role as a fierce resistance fighter.

Skall du kolla in nya sci fi serien?


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