Sam Worthington snackar Avatar 2

Sam Worthington sigourney weaver

Efter dundersuccén med Avatar förra året så planerar James Cameron två uppföljare. Huvudrollsinhavaren Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation, Clash Of The Titans) snackar lite om uppföljaren:

"We've been discussing that with Jim. He had some ideas he told us while we were filming, which were really cool and out there. At the moment, he's still writing what he calls 'The Bible' and detailing the world. Once he's detailed the world — more so than it's already detailed in his big brain, anyway — then he said he can write the script and we can go explore the world — things like going underwater … going in the floating mountains."

More from Worthington on his character's role in Avatar 2:

"I always joked and said that they were married and Jake Sully got lazy and Netiri kicked his butt. But there is something to [the notion of being] in a genetically-engineered body now, which he is. Is there a "use by" date on it? I don't know."

And more on the Avatar sequel:

"What's the new dilemma? Is it just humans coming back, or is something even bigger than can threaten them, can threaten the world? We can look at our world again and see that we know we're hurting the environment, and we know we can do things about it. But what else are we doing that's wrong so it can reflect on our own life?"


Åh jag har faktiskt inte sätt Avatar, såg bara halva sedan sommnade jag men vill verkligen se om den! :)

Vilken är din favoritfilm rent allmänt då? :)

2011-07-17 | 16:22:07
BacardiBoy säger:

Mina favoritfilmer all time är:

Sagan om ringen/tornen/konungens återkomst. Sen kommer Avatar.

Andra jag gillar är:

Matrix, Aliens, Taken, Point Break, 2012, star wars, crash, indy jones, inception, x-men med flera


2011-07-17 | 16:36:21

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