Ny animerad serie? Avatar: Legend of Korra


M Night pratar fortfarande om uppföljare till biofilmen The Last Airbender. Den har ej fått gröntljus än, och kanske aldrig kommer få det heller pga negativa recensioner och fanbesvikelser.

Men tv-serien kanske får en ny chans, då den animerad serien är nu ännu populärare tack vara filmen.

Ugo.com skriver: We've only got an official schedule for the first day and already this year's San Diego Comic-Con is on course to completely shutdown the Internet with breaking news and announcements - and we're hoping one of them is related to a just-shy-of-officially-confirmed new Airbender  animated series.

Our comrades over at Avatar: The Last Airbender Online have compiled all known information about the rumored series titled Avatar: Legend of Korra, which is believed to take place one-hundred years after The Last Airbender and focus on the titular female Waterbender, who Aang would take under his wing.

According to Airbender Online, series creators Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko are on board.  The only question remaining is when and **ahem"" where the new series will be announced.  The logicial conclusion is SDCC.  Dimartino and Kinietzko recently told Racebending an official announcement would "hopefully" come sooner than Comic-Con but we're getting awfully close.


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