The King of Pop Michael Jackson släpper ny platta

michael jackson

Så ser framsidan ut på Michael Jacksons kommande skiva "Michael" ut. Den stora comebacken som alla väntade på, blev aldrig av, då han tragiskt avled innan hans show "This is it" hann ha premiär i London.

Billboard skriver:
Michael," the Michael Jackson album comprised of original material recorded by the King of Pop before his death, will be released Dec. 14 on Epic Records in conjunction with his estate, it was announced today (Nov. 4).

The first full track from the album, entitled "Breaking News," will premiere Monday on and stream for one week. The song was originally recorded in 2007 in New Jersey and completed after the singer's death last year, according to the announcement.

A teaser for "Michael" will launch on the site tomorrow; the album will also become available for pre-order online within the next 24 hours.

The creative process never stopped for the King of Pop who was always planning for his next album; unbeknownst to many fans around the world Michael Jackson was writing and recording songs continuously everywhere from a friend’s home in New Jersey to studios in Las Vegas and Los Angeles with a small group of handpicked collaborators. Now, through the unique stories that will be told about the songs that comprise MICHAEL, fans will get mind-blowing insight into how this artist worked and a chance to hear the songs he most recently created along with tracks that Michael had a desire to bring to fruition.

Kommer hans samarbete med Akon och RedOne vara med? Detta kommer bli intressant!

Ser du fram emot nytt matrial från Jackson?

Här kommer ett nostqalgiklipp av "Scream"


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