Videon till "Blow Me (One Last Kiss) med P!nk

Här är nya videon till Pinks senaste singel "Blow Me" Nya plattan "The Truth About Love" kommer ut i September.
Lily Allen kommer finnas md på ett av spåren.
Tracklist nya plattan:
1. Are We All We Are
2. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
3. Try
4. Just Give Me a Reason
5. True Love
6. How Come You're Not Here
7. Slut Like You
8. The Truth About Love
9. Beam Me Up
10. Walk of Shame
11. Here Comes the Weekend
12. Where Did the Beat Go?
13. The Great Escape

Deluxe Version
14. “My Signature Move”
15. “Is This Thing On?”
16. “Run”
17. “Good Old Days”
18. “Chaos & Piss”
19. “Timebomb”


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