Bacardi kommer med färdigblandad drink! Mojito!


Det här låter ju helt underbart för en Bacardi älskare :D

Bacardi offers something new with the Bacardi Classic Cocktail Mojito, a pre-mixed cocktail keeps the Mojito craze alive and kicking.
Bacardi Classic Cocktail Mojito is 15 percent alcohol and made from real rum and natural flavors
So for a smooth, cool, and scintillating summer, mix a tumbler up and bring the Latin sun and surf into your party. The mojito's minty lime zest and warming Bacardi rum are all you need to relax, kick back, and enjoy.

Put on your salsa music and your dancing shoes, clink a mojito toast, and you're ready to go.
BACARDI(R) rum, the world's favorite rum, has launched The BACARDI(R) Classic Cocktail Mojito, a ready-to-serve cocktail made with BACARDI Superior Rum, natural lime and mint flavors. It takes the guesswork out of preparation, delivering an authentic BACARDI mojito cocktail that can be enjoyed anywhere.
The BACARDI Classic Cocktail Mojito is perfect for home entertaining or for any social occasion. Simply pour over ice in your favorite highball glass to serve the perfect classic mojito, today one of the most popular -- and legendary -- cocktails.
The BACARDI Classic Cocktail Mojito package features a distinctive green cap and light and "refreshing" design. The 15-percent alcohol-by-volume (30 proof) ready-to-drink cocktail has a suggested retail price ranging from $19.99 and up for a 1.75-liter, soon to be followed by a 750-ml size.
"The BACARDI Classic Cocktail Mojito delivers real mojito taste in a ready-to-drink package," said Joe Metevier, brand director, Bacardi Traditional Rums. "It reinforces our position as the leader in mojito cocktails through executions in all major adult beverage categories including the Original BACARDI Mojito featuring BACARDI Superior Rum now our pre-mixed, ready-to-drink option The BACARDI Classic Cocktail Mojito."

Här kommer en reklam film för Bacardi Suprior som den färdigblandade drinken baseras på

Och här kommer reklam film för nya flaskan!!

Drinkrecept säger:

Tack för informationen! Trevlig blogg :)

2010-03-19 | 21:33:26

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