Några få veckor kvar till P!nk live i Göteborg





Sommaren rockpop drottning i Göteborg! Den 23/7 spelar Pink på Ullevi, Göteborg, med förbanden Takida & Good Charlotte. Dax att börja ladda!  Såg senast Pink på Trägårn, Private Show, detta är ju lite "större" :)
Här kommer spellistan!

Setlist, P!nk

1. “Get The Party Started”
2. “Funhouse”
3. “Ave Mary A”
4. “Who Knew”
5. “Bad Influence”
6. “Please Don’t Leave Me”
7. “Sober”
8. “I’m Not Dead”
9. “Unwind”
10. “Mean” (feat Butch Walker)
11. “I Don’t Believe You”
12. “Dear Mr. President”
13. “What’s Up”
14. Medley: (all songs performed with Butch Walker)
a. “My Generation” (Cover of The Who)
b. “Basket Case” (Cover of Green Day)
c. “Roxanne” (Cover of The Police)
15. “Whataya Want From Me”
16. “Just Like A Pill”
17. “Try Too Hard”
18. “U + Ur Hand”
19. “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)”
20. Encore:
a. “So What”

Additional notes

* During the tour, Pink performs “Whataya Want From Me”. This song was written by Max Martin, Pink and Karl Schuster in 2008 and was intended to be included on the “Funhouse” album. It was given to Adam Lambert for his debut album, “For your Entertainment”
* At the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands Pink performed a cover of Tom Petty: “Free Falling”.
* I Don’t Believe You & Dear Mr. President were added to the setlist from Heilbronn and onwards.
* What’s Up was added to the setlist at the Sunderland concert.
* Pink has also confirmed that she will be changing the set list many times so that the show has some sort of variety from place to place.

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