280 miljoner dollar - Årets stora Fantasy film - The Last Airbender. Ny tv-spot


150 miljoner  dollar kostade den att göra. 130 miljoner dollar i marknadsföring. Detta måste bli en succé för filmbolaget. Vi får hoppas de får in dessa pengar på US Boxoffice + Worldboxoffice så det kommer de två uppföljarna.

Synopsis: The film is set in a fantasy world where the four elements of earth, air, water, and fire can be controlled through martial arts called bending, and the ruthless flame-manipulating Fire Nation is waging war to control the other nations of the world. At the same time a young boy named Aang, the last surviving wind manipulator or Airbender and is also the Avatar, the physical incarnation of the world itself who possesses the ability to manipulate all four elements, is on a quest to stop the Firebenders and save the world, with his friends Katara, a water-manipulating Waterbender from the South Pole, and her brother Sokka. But the skilled and vicious Prince Zuko, the banished Prince of the Fire Nation, is on the trail of the Avatar, seeking to regain his lost honor by capturing him.

LA times om Airbender

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