Ny vampyr film - Priest


Nästa år kommer en ny vampyr film - i 3D! Den heter Priest. Se trailern nedan

In an alternate Earth, the world is scorched and shattered from centuries of the wars between the human race and vampires. The last remanents of humankind live within the walled-in dystopian cities that are ruled by the Church. Within one city is a Warrior Priest, who fought in the last war, but now lives hidden and in isolation.

But when his niece is abducted by a new wave of vampires, the Warrior Priest is forced to sever his loyalties and go against the Church. He then embarks on a journey to either save her life or kill every last vampire involved with her death.

But these vampires differ from the ones he fought in the past and are led by a vampire called Black Hat, who was once a Warrior Priest himself. Whether this kidnapping was random or a more sinister motive from Black Hat, the Warrior Priest will show mercy only through death.

Ser du fram emot denna filmen?


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