Två nya låtar till på kommande Greatest hits plattan med P!nk


"Raise your glass" är en hit världen över, nu berättar SonyMucc vad dom två andra nya låtarna heter som kommer finnas med på "Greatest far!!!"

Från digitalspy:

Pink has confirmed the titles of two new tracks featuring on her greatest hits album.

The singer, who recently announced the tracklist for the retrospective LP, has revealed the names of the new songs as 'F**kin' Perfect' and 'Heartbreak Down'.

The titles were unveiled on her label Sony's official website, who also confirmed that her version of Adam Lambert's 'Whataya Want From Me' will appear, though it is unclear whether it will feature only on the international edition of the record.

Pink releases her new single, 'Raise Your Glass' in the UK on November 8. Greatest Hits... So Far!!! follows on November 15.

The track is currently number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100, leaping 40 places since making its debut last week.


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