Arnold Schwarzenegger i Terminator 5

T 5

Justin Lin som gjorde filmerna Fast & Furious 5, Fast & Furious 3 och 4 har fått jobbet att göra Terminator 5 sägs det. Och Arnold är tydligen redo för en ny omgång!

Så här säger Arnold:
I think one of the great things is that when I got started, no one would return my calls, and now I get a lot of phone calls, which is good. I have options. Terminator was one of my favorite films growing up. And I feel I have a take that I would love to see, and I’ve talked with Arnold and we’ve talked and we’ll see. Again, I would love to do it, but it has to be the right circumstances. It has to be the right people. And there’s other projects too. But I’m in a position now that I can choose more than I could a year ago, two years ago. So that is something that is potentially in my future, but when I get home I will sit down and look at my options and choose what I want to do.

Vill du se ny Terminator, och vill du Arnold skall vara med?

Personlig kommentar: Om Arnold gör comeback - ge Linda Hamilton samma chans! Hon var grym i T2!


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