Första repondsen på JJ Abrams & Steven Spielberg:s Super 8

super 8

I helgen fick utvalda från media se filmen Super 8 och nu har Paramont Pictures gett dom tillstånd att få twittra kort om vad dom tyckte. Nedan ser du vad dom tycker - och det är posetivt!

Slashfilm: Loved it, they don’t make these types of movies anymore. The best thing I can say about the film is that I loved the characters/setting/tone so much that I probably would have enjoyed it just as much as a Stand By Me-like coming of age drama without the sci-fi/train crash/action. Its one of those films that feels like it was made just for me. (someone asked if its more E.T. or Cloverfield, I responded: It’s Cloverfield with the characters and setting of E.T.

FirstShowing: absolutely loved it, lived up to my high expectations. Felt like watching an Amblin classic. Of course, it’s expected I’d love it, considering how excited I was for it, but yes, it’s that good. Really need to see it again!

Collider: It’s great. Made me feel like a kid again

Jen Yamato: I enjoyed Super 8′s Goonies vibe; the kids are great. Has its problems, but none are deal breakers for me…though they will be for others.

LA Times Hero Complex: Remember how the academy expanded the best picture race to include crowdpleasers and sublime spectacle films? Meet “Super 8″…

Jenna Busch: #Super8 is AMAZING!!!! Nostalgic, action-packed and just damn entertaining! Woot!

Meli_Molina: Yeppers, I certainly did like it quite a bunch.

JimmyO: Super 8 is pure movie magic! Let’s just say it is truly spectacular!

BloodyDisgusting: On a positive note, I can reveal I have seen Super 8 and LOVED it.

STYD News: Cool monster mash w/terrific ensemble cast. Nostalgia might blind you to its problems. Still, I liked it. Full review to come!

Steve Barton: Wow. Just wow. Days later I’m still happy it’s like Christmas for monster movie fans!

BDK Reviews: Easily the best movie of 2011 so far!

JRothC: It was everything I wanted it to be. A coming-of-age sci-fi adventure like the classics I love. Super 8′s great for older kids AND grown-ups who long for the classic sci-fi films of the late ’70s and ’80s. Longer review to come — but I loved it — think you will too!

ThomasLeupp: ‘Super 8′ is terrific: very scary, surprisingly funny, only slightly marred by forced Spielbergian sentiment.

TreyAlexMovies: Super 8 is an adventurous blast! A thriller with a heart and laughs. Abrams and Spielberg are a great team.

Manny Movies: SUPER 8 is funny, spooky, haunting, uplifting…old school filmmaking at its finest…YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Devincf: If JJ Abrams ever got a good script he would be an amazing director. SUPER 8 script is a huge mess. SUPER 8 simply has no idea what kind of movie it wants to be. Kids are great, looks nice, has no throughline…

JakesTakes: Congratulations, JJ Abrams. You just made the best movie of 2011


RowenetReview: I loved it! Check it out when it comes out June 10! Best movie I’ve seen all year.


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