Lena Philipsson’s new album is very good.

Världen Snurrar

So then – Lena Philipsson has got a new album out. On February 15th. ‘Världen Snurrar’.

What were we expecting?

Well yeah we were all a little bit baffled when she returned last year with ‘Idiot’ as a comeback single which was ok and a little bit good but most certainly not the grower that we all hoped it would be or the show-er that we wanted from her so it was understood and expected when she went a little bit quiet after a stifled reaction from the public in general and licked her wounds or whatever until she was ready to come back again over six months later with ‘Nästa Säsong’ which we actually LOVED TO BITS but a lot of people didn’t because well we don’t know why and they must be deaf cos it great but STILL the fact remains that a lot of people didn’t like it or want it, and it flopped even harder than ‘Idiot’ but THANK GOD then Så Mycket Bättre came along and she was on it and everyone thought/hoped “hooray she’ll be this year’s September and conquer the iTunes chart week after week” but that didn’t happen either thanks to that pesky Laleh stealing pretty much all thunder available week after week however that same Laleh can also be credited with turning Lena’s fortunes around on the very last week of Så Mycket Bättre when her song ‘Live Tomorrow’ was covered by Lena Ph and ended up becoming sort of big for her in the grand scheme of things and thus created a sizeable enough platform for her to come out with an album and so HERE WE ARE!

Good news everybody – Lena Philipsson has rescued herself from the jaws of critical and commercial uncertainty and has made an album that is not just very good, but should also appease those who want a Lena Philipsson sounding Lena Philipsson album. It’s pop, it’s dance, it’s a little bit electro. And of the 10 tracks on offer, 7 of them are up-tempo.

Let’s start with the new single ‘Du Följer Väl Med?’, as it seems the most logical place to start. It’s possibly the best track on here besides ‘Live Tomorrow’. But then give us a few weeks or even days and we may even prefer it to that too. It’s the sort of pop that is playing on radios all around the world right now. A club track with a big chorus that’s generous on the synths. And at the same time it’s very Lena too. It’s what ‘Idiot’ should have been really. Oh and speaking of ‘Idiot’ – that’s actually been given a bit of a makeover and injected with some extra spunk. Tasty!

Other highlights are ‘Igen och Igen’ which is a sensational pastiche of 90′s piano house that we adored upon hearing only the intro. And the rest of it didn’t disappoint either thankfully. The title track ‘Världen Snurrar’ is basically ‘Live Tomorrow’ part two – ‘Live The Day After Tomorrow’, if you will. And actually, might even be up there challenging the new single in the Best Track On The Album stakes. Kudos to Peter Boström for producing three of those four album highlights.

To summarise – ‘cos this has gone on for a tiny bit longer than we intended – it’s a great album. Instant. Up-tempo. Lena Ph-esque. And crammed with enough potential hits – something which was almost starting to become very un-Lena Ph-esque, which we couldn’t possibly allow happen. She’s seen to it that it doesn’t happen.


Postat av: Mohamed

Kan du se till så att "Så mycket bättre än dom andra" med Lena och Orup kommer upp på YouTube?

2012-01-31 @ 13:25:56
URL: http://www.improveme.se/mohamedtouzari
Postat av: Anonym


där finns den =)

2012-02-03 @ 17:47:31
Postat av: Mohamed

"Detta videoklipp innehåller material från SME. Det kan inte visas i ditt land."

Står det :/

2012-02-06 @ 22:32:26
URL: http://mohamedtouzari.spotlife.se/

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